0 A portable fire extinguisher puts out
the fire within two minutes.
0 Fire-related deaths occur once the fire has progressed beyond the early stages.
0 Direct property damage occurs once the fire has progressed beyond the early stages.
0 A Fire Extinguisher successfully put out a fire, the Fire Department was not required.


Fire Extinguishers provide portable fire protection to any location in any building. Fire extinguishers allow tenants to extinguish a fire within seconds before a fire becomes threat to life and property. With a wide array of extinguishing agents, Fire Safety First is able to provide protection to whatever assets your company or employees may have.

It is also vital that individuals know how to properly use a fire extinguisher for their own safety and the safety of others. Fire Safety First offers training programs to teach building tenants how to safely and effectively extinguish a fire. Training programs can make the difference between a small fire and a life threatening emergency.


  • Dry & Wet Chem Extinguishers
  • Clean Agent Extinguishers
  • Water Mist Extinguishers
  • Fire Hose Inspections
  • Exit Lighting & First Aid Kits