Fire alarm systems are designed to save lives. They can simply monitor tamper and waterflow switches on a sprinkler system, or provide additional notification to evacuate the entire building. They can be very sophisticated – automatically detect fires, control exhaust fans, notify the fire department, unlock doors, and a whole myriad of other functions.

These systems, like all mechanical systems, deteriorate and can eventually fail over time. It is extremely important that fire alarm systems are regularly tested and maintained to determine if all aspects therein are working properly. Failure of any of these components can cause the loss of life or property. 

Our fire alarm team can design, install, program, test and repair many fire alarm systems. We can even monitor your fire alarm system, giving you the upmost control over your system with a single vendor. Give us a call to see how we can help in the upkeep of your fire alarm system.








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Fire Alarm Systems have many different testing requirements dependent on the occupancy and classification of the alarm system installed. Whether weekly or annually Fire Safety First provides the most up to date inspection requirements and testing methods. Our fire alarm technicians are highly trained to comprehend your fire system. Fire Safety First will educate you on exactly what is needed to maintain your Fire Alarm system per NFPA requirements. Fire Alarm testing is vital to the safety and protection of life and property, regular fire alarm testing allows us to find and replace faulty equipment before an emergency strikes. Fire Safety First has the resources to test any Fire Alarm System you have as well as generate all necessary paperwork and certifications. We at Fire Safety First have been testing Fire Alarm Systems for over 20 years, we have the expertise to help you manage all your Fire Alarm System needs.
Designing a Fire Alarm System is a complex process that requires an understanding of occupancy requirements, voltage requirements, NFPA mandates, and many other factors unique to your project. Fire Safety First works with local jurisdictions and planning offices to make sure your system meets every necessary requirement to get through plan check. We design Fire Life Safety Systems anywhere from small Tenant Improvement upgrades to full building evacuation systems. Our designers will create a plan that offers maximum protection at the most cost effective price. Fire Safety First has designed hundreds of Fire Alarm System and our experience allows us to be at the forefront of design. We at Fire Safety First encourage you to give us an opportunity to design your next Fire Alarm System, you will not be disappointed.
When it comes to the installation of a Fire Alarm System experience is a must. Fire Safety First has the experience and knowledge to meet your installation needs. We know that scheduling is critical to any construction project, Fire Safety First will meet your needs no matter how complex your project and will create a timeline that smoothly completes your project from start to finish. Fire Safety First prides itself in honesty, our bids will not be grossly underbid and littered with change orders. Our installation department will ensure we provide a bid as close to the true cost as possible.
Even the best alarm systems need service, and when it comes to service speed and knowledge are vital. The knowledge and understanding of Fire Safety First will save you and your tenants from paying for hours of troubleshooting your Fire Alarm System. Our technicians have experience with nearly every Fire Alarm Panel in use and know how to create solutions that keep your system in top operating condition. With 24 hour service, we will respond to any emergency quickly and work to get your fire alarm system back in operation. Let the experience and knowledge of Fire Safety First get your Fire Alarm System repaired quickly and accurately.
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