Our high quality of service and customer relations sets Fire Safety First apart from any other full service fire protection company in the industry. In continuing our mission to provide excellent customer satisfaction, we offer our professional services in engineering, design, installation, repair, certification, inspection, etc. to see your projects through to the end.

Fire Sprinklers

A critical component of protecting life and property, fire sprinklers offer 24-hour protection should a fire occur in your office, warehouse, or home. FSF provides quarterly, annual, and five-year inspections and testing to meet your every need.

Fire Alarms

The backbone of personal safety, fire life safety and fire sprinkler monitoring systems ensure that all safety precautions are taken to safely evacuate a building. FSF provides quarterly, semi-annual and annual testing on fire alarm monitoring systems.

Fire Extinguishers

The first defense against a small fire, fire extinguishers give occupants the opportunity to extinguish a small fire before it becomes a life-threatening emergency. FSF provides monthly inspections as well as annual, six-year, and 12-year maintenance.

Backflow Prevention

Annual backflow testing ensures the integrity of the potable water supply to prevent sickness and disease. Maintaining safe clean drinking water is important for everyone. FSF provides annual testing and service to domestic, fire, and irrigation backflow devices.